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11/10/09 09:02 pm - Today I

received an email from my supervisor at SACVAP and it just disgusts me.

MEN out there, do NOT stand by and let shit like this happen, period.  Call it out, point it out, contact site admins, all of that stuff.  Do not be silent about rape or rape culture.  This is not funny.

Australian students create "pro-rape" Facebook group
via Feministing by Jessica on 11/9/09

This is the kind of story that makes you wonder about the basic goodness of people.
A group of past and present University of Sydney students set up a ''pro-rape'' page in the sports and recreation section on Facebook, describing themselves as ''anti-consent''.
The male students, mostly from the elite, all-male St Paul's College, initially ensured the ''Define Statutory'' group had an open, public profile, and proudly displayed their membership on their personal Facebook pages.
Both the commander of the NSW Police sex crimes unit and the head of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre condemned the site, describing it as ''grooming perpetrators of sexual violence''.
And people have the nerve to argue rape culture doesn't exist...
Outside of the general horribleness of this story, Hortense at Jezebel asks a really great question: Why would Facebook allow this group to exist for so long?
This is a social networking site that refuses to let women post pictures of themselves breastfeeding, mind you, but it's okay to make a "hilarious" pro-rape group in the "Sports and Recreation" category? The group was public, by the way, accessible to anyone and visible to all. Interesting, isn't it, that in the eyes of Facebook, a woman shouldn't be allowed to show her breasts while feeding her child, but it's perfectly acceptable for men to make a highly public "sport" out of rape.

I am so infuriated I could just spit.  MEN do not pull this sort of shit.  BOYS do and need to be educated seriously.
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10/9/09 07:04 pm - I have

just started my first oncall rotation with the SACVAP hotline.

Wish me luck for a quiet night.

9/9/09 09:25 pm - And the news

of the day.

I am now officially through my training and a Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Advocate.  I am to pick a shift sometime this month where I can shadow the on-call if there is an ER call.  I am also to pick the sifts I would like to cover during the month of October.  Tuesday we have the monthly staff and volunteer meeting.

It's official though and that makes me very happy.

8/13/09 10:10 pm - Day 4

At this point, we were still fresh and excited but starting to settle into a rhythym.

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8/13/09 09:53 pm - Day 3

Day 3 was supposed to be a 2 session day, on a Saturday.  This however was the day that Clue was flying to San Francisco and thus I missed the morning session.  That session, Child Sexual Abuse, I will cover later in the order that took the training.  I did make it in time for the second session of the day.

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8/12/09 10:08 pm - Day 2

So, the only way to actually start, is well, to start.

This will also be good review for me prior to doing the case studies.

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8/3/09 10:56 pm - I know

that I said I would give regular updates on the training but well, it's far more draining than I anticipated.  I will give an overview of each session but that will have to wait till after training is over I believe.  That by the way, is Wednesday.  After I have 7 case studies and a closing interview to perform before I can schedule to man the lines.

Wow this has been intense.  It will be worth it but wow...

7/6/09 10:46 pm - Day 1

of the training was today.

I will be chronicling what I can, mostly for me but feel free to read.  There's a lot I won't be able to talk about due to confidentiality agreements but I'll still re-cap what I can.

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6/29/09 09:12 pm - The Interview

is over and all went well.

Thanks to all who wished well.  I really wasn't that worried because I do well in person but this was very important to me so I was nervous.

So, the details.  On Monday July 8, I will begin training as a volunteer for the Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Assistance Program for Rensselaer County hotline.  Over 6 weeks there will be 45 hours of fairly intensive training before I can start to man the phones.  I will put in 3-4 12 hour shifts per month and have some minor paperwork to fill out.  With my history, Clue's history and many of those around me, this was extremely important to me.  I didn't want to say specifically what I was interviewing for as I wanted any real commentary to be after I was accepted to the program, not before.

I am really excited about this.  Not the bouncing with energy, happy glee kind of excited, but excited none the less.  As I said, this is important to me.
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